If you are interested in contributing to this project, and believe you have archival material or information that you think would be of benefit, then I am interested in hearing from you. 

Please send materials in the following digital formats.  Depending on the size of the files, you can either Email me or burn them onto a CD or DVD and post to me (please contact me first for my address). 

All contributors are required to give written permission to use any material contributed to this project.

All images and tracks must be in the following format:

  • Photos must be in JPEG format (scanned at a minimum of 300dpi)
  • All photos need to have a photographer credit, the year taken and names of people if known.
  • In lieu of a known photographer a contributor credit will be given instead.
  • Soundtracks need to be in MP3 or WAV file format.
  • Video needs to be in Mp4 or equivalent format. 
  • Written accounts, stories, funny quotes etc. need to be in a word doc format.
  • You can also use WeTransfer to send me files via the Internet - it is free and easy to use.
  • All band posters / Fliers must be in JPEG format (scanned at a minimum of 300dpi)
  • Please note: Contribution does not automatically guarantee inclusion in this project and remains at the discretion of the Project Creator.

  • Main Image - Independent Venues Newsgossip Sheet #2, 1981 - Source: Dolores San Miguel
  • Background Image - Insert from Fast Forward magazine, May 1982 - Source: Spill Label