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Here you can buy items related to the Melbourne and broader Australian punk scene...

Many of these items are created by local designers, artists and musicians, so please support our shop and the amazing people who create these items.

Items include:
Music, Books, Clothing and Accessories, Beauty Products, Art, Homewares, Stickers and Badges, Fanzines and Collectibles...

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  • Background Image - Punk Shop design by Sabi Vaillancourt - Source: Behance
  • Music - Archie and Jugheads record shop, c. 1971  - Source: Scotti Henthorn
  • Books - Print Magazine cover, 1981 - Source: Simon Butcher
  • Clothing - Kate Buck of punk fashion label 3rd Cockroach, c. 1980 - Source: Kate Buck
  • Artwork - Punk art, c. 1983 - Source: Source: Gillian Farrow
  • Homewares - Russell Hopkinson, c. 1983 - Source: Gillian Farrow
  • Beauty Products - Punk girl with red hair, c. 1983 - Source: James Lynch
  • Collectibles - Crystal Ballroom poster, 1979 - Source: Timothy Hughes
  • Stickers and Badges - Crystal Ballroom foyer, 1979 - Photograph by Jeff Busby