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  • This is a multimedia website consisting of rare and archival material from the Melbourne Punk Scene between the years 1977-1987, including written documentation, photos, images, video footage and MP3 tracks. It is essentially an online museum, so please take the time to navigate and explore each page as you would a display or exhibit at a museum. 
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The Negatives live at the Tiger Lounge 1978 - Photo by Alan Scott

  • Main Image - Hearts Supper Ticket 1980 - Courtesy of Michael Chrystal
  • Background Images - James Lynch 1983 - Courtesy of James Lynch
  • The Negatives live at the Tiger Lounge 1978 - Photo by Alan Scott
Punk a Photographic Journey: 2004-2007
Punk a Photogr...
By Melynda von Wayward
Photo book