Described as "Australia’s first Rock’n’Roll Menagerie"The Be Bop and Loo Bar was situated at the Beverly Crest Hotel, (now the Crest on Barkly). Not only did mainstream rock bands such as Skyhooks and Cold Chisel play there in the mid to late 70s, but interstate punk bands The Saints and Radio Birdman also graced the Bar in 1977

According to Rob Wellington from the band International Exiles, early Melbourne punk was more than anything influenced by The Saints. Wellington noted one particularly seminal show in 1977 at the Be Bop and Loo Bar with himselfChris Walsh (Negatives), and Nick Cave (Boys Next Door) in attendance.

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  • The Saints - Nick Cave on The Saints - Source: Jenkins, Jeff (2007). 50 Years of Rock in Australia. Melbourne: Wilkinson Publishing