The Following is an excerpt from Tim Hemensley's fanzine 'Punk Purge' from December 1982 :

The Killayoni Scene:  I thought I’d use this last page to remember a club called The Killayoni Club, one of the best non pub venues for new music (New Wave or Rock, not strictly commercial) in the last 3 years. When I was interviewed on the ‘Behind the Shelter Sheds’ ( a programme for kids on Radio 3CR what else could it be ?), I named the club as one of 2 places kids (under 15’s) could get to see live New Wave or Punk. A few months later the Killayoni Club was gone and the bands scattered to other places far and wide. 

The Killayoni Club was located in Flinders Lane and bands such as the Incredibly Strange Creatures who stopped living and became mixed up zombies, Plays with Marionettes, 3 Toed Sloths, Daughters of Charity & Voix would be the right’s entertainment. The first time I went there was NYE 1981. Meeting Kathy Buck (manageress) at the door was a surprise (as I thought it was a Polish nightclub) and later on actually meeting the performers was something rare and something which probably hasn’t happened since the demise of the first wave of Punk in this country in 1980. 

Let me point out that the club was not strictly a Punk club. This Zine isn’t strictly just a Punk zine. I am a Punk, Punk is the music I love and therefore I give considerable coverage to Punk. But the music and bands who perform at TKC hardly ever get any mention in the rock press & most of the gigs they do are publicized by word of mouth, so there should be some zine or magazine that talks about them. One of the bands who (to me anyway) represents the true Killayoni sound was 2D. They played very sixtiesish garage post punk rock, very heavy, very psychedelic (ie: garage psychedelia like late PRETTY THINGS, MASTERS APPRENTICES, SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, KINGSMEN etc..) very good. 

Even though 2D are gone now & Ifs Buts and Maybes have taken their place, the energy etc..still remains. THE band of the club was The Incredibly Strange Creatures… who were thoroughly improvisational and seemed to alienate most of their audience rather than attract them (Kathy Buck lying on the stage screaming and Jim Buck monotonously saying ‘She Says/’She Says/’She Says/’ while other musicians have arguments through Saxophones was hardly fun or a good night out). Punk was supposed to be Anti-Music-Music but the person who said that would probably be choking on their words when they saw the Incredibly Strange Creatures…. 

Another band who sometimes appeared there was Three Toed Sloths consisting of Jim Buck on heavily distorted guitar & Terry Shannon on Bass with songs such as ‘ I’m gonna bust yer ass you son of a bitch’, Johnny Cash’s ‘Angel from Vegas’ and ‘ I wanna be a worm’ . Of course, no history of TKC would be complete without mentioning ROYAL FLUSH (plug!!) who played the club on ‘The Final Fling Killayoni Thing’ final night. Oh I don’t know what to say now !! alas, poor Killayoni, I knew it well!

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