Punk a Photographic Journey & The History of the Melbourne Punk Scene

Utter Stench was formed around October 1985. Its original idea came from bassist Joeseph Borg, affectionatelly known as 'Borgy' and drummer Mark Z. Both Mark and Borgy were first and second generation skateboarders respectivelly and the idea of a skateboard/punk rock band came about through this association. The name Utter Stench came from the smell of skateboard safety equipment after sweaty ramp sessions. Its original line up was Borgy - Bass, Mark - Drums, Paul - vocals and Brendan - guitar.

Eventually through trial and error and jamming together quite haphazardly, Borgy and Mark recruited Chris Paine on vocals who had been playing in a garage band called 'Endless Grind' and Ron Mcindoe on guitar from a band called 'The Mess'. The band played its first gig at the 243 Club six months later. In October of 1986, the band entered the studio and recorded which was to be its one and only album entiltled Cry For Help which was released on Cleopatra Records. In 1987, the band officially launched the album at The Duke Of Edinborough Hotel in St. Kilda and shortly afterwards disbanded.

Drummer Mark Z and guitarist Ron soon after formed the band Terrorize, which consisted of members of Vicious Circle, The Sick Things and Aligator Parade. Chris went on to become a member of Killing Time, which became Mantissa who achieved commercial success and also went on to tour in the U.S. later on. Borgy went on to successfully manufacter and import his own line of skateboard trucks and copers which became a well recieved product in the U.S. markets with pro skaters such as Tommy G. of the Powell Peralta team endorsing the product. Borgy also went on to become an icon of the San Franciso scene, making numerous trips to the Northern city and establishing himself in the scene and also becoming part of the Dog Patch Winos and the Badlands. Drummer Mark Zerafa went on to formal music study and spent time studying and recently working in the U.S. and currently works as an instrumental music teacher and plays music proffessionally in his native Melbourne. Ron Macindoe now lives in Brisbane and works as a laborer and is married with kids.

Not too long before Borgy's death, there was talk of the band reforming and Chris, Mark and Borgy had planned to begin rehearsals again, but it wasn't to be and that's how it stayed. Borgy passed away in 1997 and a skate day was organized to raise money to help out his family with the funeral expenses. Borgie had spent a long time tenaciously working on his punk aspirations and was still manufacturing world class skateboard products up until his death. Utter Stench's sound could be described as hardcore/skate/punk. The band's influences varied from hardcore to rock, metal, thrash and jazz. The music of the band during the mid-eighties signaled the birth of more to come and it's hard to imagine where the plethoria of bands today would be without this period of music.


Borgy joined dog patch winos - initiation....