Alongside Models, Little Murders and The Jetsonnes, International Exiles were one of the first bands to rise out of Melbourne's Punk/New Wave explosion. Formed by Fiction ex-member Rob Wellington in 1979, the band issued two singles in 1980. The first, 'Miniskirts in Moscow', was shared as one side of a double sided gig giveaway 7" with The Jestsonnes (soon to split up and reform as Hunters & Collectors). The track was a cover Welligton discovered in a second hand record shop and rearranged. Their close friend Groper (real name Steven Colgan), sound engineer for much of the scene, recorded it in a bedroom. The second, 'Let's Be Sophisticated'/'Note to Roger', came out on the Missing Link label, with The Boys Next Door/Birthday Party being the only other act signed to the label at the time. 'Let's Be Sophisticated' sat at the top of the Indy charts for a few weeks but the band split up before recording anything more tracks.

International Exiles lineup included: Laine McCready - Vocals, Rob Wellington - Guitars, Adam Learner - Bass, Andy Callandar - Keyboards/Vocals, David Adams - Drums (Paul Hester was also an original member).


   Rob Wellington 1979/80 - Photo by Jo Wellington


International Exiles - Note to Roger.mp3


'Miniskirts in Moscow' 7" sleeve 1980


 'Let's Be sophisticated' single sleeve 1980


                        Rob Wellington and Laine McCready 1979/80 - Photo by Jo Wellington


  • Main Image - International Exiles 1979/1980 - Courtesy of Laine McCready
  • Background Image - International Exiles gig poster

  • Rob Welington 1979/1980 - Photo by Jo Wellington

  • 'Miniskirts in Moscow' 7" sleeve 1980 - Image courtesy Flickr
  • 'Let's Be sophisticated' single sleeve 1980 - Photo by Ken - Images courtesy International Exiles
  • Rob Wellington & Laine McCready 1979/1980 - Photo by Jo Wellington
  • MP3 Track - 'Note to Roger' 1980 - Missing Link Records (Wellington) 

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