Formed by Russell Street in 1978 and dubbed the Z-Cars by Rob Griffiths (The Fiction, Little Murders), after the English television drama of the same name, the band played a mixture of original material ('Barbie Doll', 'Jump in Line', 'Bernhardts', 'People Look at Me', 'Seventies Survivor' and covers by bands such as The Saints.)

Z-Cars played regularly on the same bill with the other 'Z' band Zorros and played 54 gigs, mainly at the Exford Hotel, 475 Club, Seaview Ballroom, the Champion Hotel, Hearts, Martinis, and the Duke of York Hotel. 

The band released one pop-punk 7" single in 1980 through Au Go Go Records called 'This is Z-Cars' which consisted of the tracks 'Is There Someone Out There?'/'Girls Just Aren't Girls' which was produced by Dave Douglas and Simon Smith (ex-Virgins). Reviews of the band were almost unanimously bad, a situation the Z-Cars reveled in: "Possibly the worst guitar sound ever put on record“ (Juke magazine review of the single).

After Craig Russell left to join the Zorros in 1980, Mick Mordaunt was recruited to play bass and Simon Smith (ex-Virgins) took over on the drums. Steve Fusezi (ex-Virgins) and Cal McAlpine (ex-Chosen Few) also had brief stints in the Z-Cars as did Mark Ivey (ex-Virgins) who briefly played drums with the band. 

Ivey, along with several members of Z-Cars as well as Virgins Manager Geoff Martyr, ended up being in a bad car accident in 1980.

Z-Cars broke up in 1981 with Russell Street, Mick Mordaunt and Trevor Perrin all going on to play in Odious Comparison.

Z-Cars lineup included: Russell Street (real name Russell Diggins) - Vocals, Trevor Perrin - Guitar/Vocals, Craig Russell - Bass/Vocals, Craig Pressnell - Drums, Simon Smith -Drums, Mick Mordaunt - Bass, Steve Fusezi - Bass, Cal McAlpine - Drums, Mark Ivey - Drums.

Russell Street, 1979 - Source: Russell Street

Z-Cars 7" single sleeve, 1980 - Source: Discogs

Z-Cars - Barbie Doll.mp3

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  • Main Image - Z-Cars, 1980 - Source: Russell Street
  • Background Image - Gig poster, 1980 - Source: Required
  • Russell Street 1979, La Trobe University 'Anti-Music' Festival - Source: Russell Street
  • Z-Cars 7" single sleeve 1980 - Source: Discogs
  • Z-Cars photo gallery, 1979 - 1980 - Sources: Russell Street and Michael Chrystal
  • Z-Cars promotional material gallery, 1980 - Sources: Russell Street and Timothy Hughes
  • 'Barbie Doll' - Recorded live at Martinis, 1981 - Unreleased (Street)