Comprising former members of X-Ray-Z and Secret Police, Popgun Men played in a hard-edged electro-pop vein and issued one independent single 'Behind Dark Glasses'/'Modern Man' (February 1980). Rich and Bund also contributed saxophone and synthesizer to The Metronomes' single 'Saturday Night'/'Sunday Morning' (May 1980), the connection being Andrew Picoleau who was a member of both bands. By mid 1980 Popgun Men had transformed back into X-Ray-Z who played the Melbourne scene until early 1982, after which Picoleau joined Sacred Cowboys. Before splitting X-Ray-Z recorded studio demos and live material which the Polyester label turned into a compilation album in 1988.

Popgun Men line-up included: of Peter Rich  & Mauri Bund (real name Peter Doley) - Vocals/Guitar/Synthesizer,  Dys Naylon - Guitar, Andrew Picoleau - Bass/Vocals, Errol Senol (real name Errol Selimi) - Drums.


    Popgun Men single sleeve 1980


Popgun Men - Modern Man.mp3


    Peter Rich 1980 - Courtesy Toorak Times


      Popgun Men 1980 - Courtesy Toorak Times


  • Main Image - Popgun Men 1979 - Courtesy of Jon & Carole Wilkinson
  • Background Image - Hearts flier - Courtesy of Timothy Hughes
  • Popgun Men single sleeve 1980 - Courtesy of Timothy Hughes
  • Peter Rich live at Hearts 1979 - Courtesy Toorak Times
  • Popgun Men live at Hearts 1979 - Courtesy Toorak Times
  • MP3 Track - 'Modern Man' 1980 - Independent release - (Rich)
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