Formed in 1979, Rob Griffiths named his band Little Murders after a 1971 film directed by Alan Arkin and starring Elliot Gould. As an English expatriate, Griffiths embraced 1960's English pop culture (The Who, The Troggs, The Kinks, Union Jacks draped over amplifiers) and accordingly Little Murders became the premier Mod band on the late 1970's/early 1980's Melbourne independent scene. The band’s debut single, ‘Things will be different’/‘Take me I’m yours’, on Au-go-go Records (December ‘79) was actually recorded by Rob’s old band Fiction, prior to the formation of the first Little Murders line-up. Fiction comprised Rob Griffiths - Vocals/Guitar, Ken Hamilton - Bass, Rob Wellington - Guitar, and Vic Bolgarow - Drums. Fiction split up in 1978 and Wellington moved onto International Exiles and Wild Dog Rodeo.

‘Things will be different’ was an excellent debut single, a blast of punchy, danceable pop, and it rapidly sold out its pressing of 1000 copies. ‘Things will be different’ ranks alongside The Riptides’ ‘Sunset Strip’ and Young Modern’s ‘She’s got the money’ as one of the classics of Australian new wave power pop. By May 1980 the band had again changed line-ups and two furthers singles for Au-go-go followed: ‘High School'/'Trouble With Love’ (which featured Clint Small) and ‘She Lets Me Know'/'It’s Over’. Line-up changes plagued Little Murders for the next couple of years however, and
unable to secure a major record deal for his efforts, Griffiths eventually broke up Little Murders in December 1983. In 1997 a compilation CD titled '... and stuff like that' was released through Cannon Music, in 1998 a CD titled '10,000 Guitars' was released through Swerve Records and in 2009 a retrospective album titled 'Stop! Plus Singles: 1978-1986' was released through Off The Hip Records.

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The original line-up included: Rob Griffiths - Vocals/Guitar, Clint Small - Guitar/Vocals, Ken Hamilton - Bass, Rob Wellington - Guitar, and Rod Flegg - Drums. Other members included: Stuart Beatty - Guitar, Steve Fusezi - Bass, Kim Holmberg - Guitar/vocals, Paul Holmberg - Drums Alan Brooker - Bass Rod Hatward - Guitar , Chris Hunter - Bass, Michael Barclay - Drums


    Little Murders 1979 - Courtesy of Rob Griffiths


   'Things Will Be Different' single sleeve 1979


Little Murders - Take me I'm Yours.mp3


    Little Murders poster 1980


        Rob Griffiths 1979 - Photos courtesy of Rob Griffiths
       Steve Fusezi 1979


     Rod Flegg 1979
   Stuart Beatty 1979