Prime movers of Melbourne’s punk movement, Garry Gray and Chris Walsh started their first band Judas Iscariot and the Traitors in 1974.  With the addition of Ian 'Ollie' Olsen and Peter Cave, the pair formed Reals in 1975 and were to become one of Melbourne's few original "punk" bands. 

With the departure of Olsen, the band recruited Michael Holmes on guitar to form Negatives in 1977 and contributed the chilling track 'Planet on the Prowl' to the Suicide Records compilation of Melbourne punk bands, 'Lethal Weapons' (1978). 

A CD titled 'Dumbworld' featuring tracks from all three bands was released in 2008 by Shock Records. The Negatives split up early in 1979. Holmes joined Paul Kelly and the Dots, Walsh joined The Fabulous Marquises and then The Moodists, and Gray went on to form the Sacred Cowboys.

Reals line-up featured: Garry Gray - Vocals, Ian ‘Ollie’ Olsen - Guitar, Chris Walsh - Bass, Peter Cave - Drums.

Negatives line-up featured: Garry Gray - Vocals, Michael Holmes - Guitar, Chris Walsh - Bass, Peter Cave - Drums. 

Garry Gray, 1979 - Photo by Bruce Tindale
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Judas Iscariot and The Traitors - Minority Groups.mp3

  • Main ImageNegatives live at the Tiger Lounge 1978 - Photo by Alan Scott
  • Background Image - Lethal Weapons insert, 1978 - Source: Discogs
  • Negatives gallery, 1978 - 2008 - Sources: Alan Scott, Garry Gray, Clare Calinan, Dumbworld CD, and Discogs 
  • 2008, T.J Honeysuckle interview with Garry Gray and Chris Walsh, 'Dumbworld' CD liner notes - Source: 'Dumbworld; CD
  • 'Minority Groups', 1974, recorded by Judas Iscariot and The Traitors, 'Dumbworld' CD, 2008 - Shock Records (Gray/Walsh)
  • Big Risk, 1978 - Directed by Mark Zenner, featuring Negatives, News, Boys Next Door