X-RAY-Z is recognized as one of Australia's pioneering new wave outfits. The band had its roots in Adelaide pub band Rufus Red, but sensing a change in the musical climate the band adopted a 'poor image', renamed themselves X-Ray-Z and moved to Melbourne in early 1977. Here they set about establishing an identity on the inner city pub circuit. The first single put out by X-Ray-Z in 1978 had three songs, 'Poor Image', 'Sledgehammer Hit' and 'Citizen John'. These tracks plus one other titled 'Kodak Moments' were recorded as demos and released as a Maxi-Single in 1978. ('Kodak Moments' was omitted and therefore not mastered.) In early 1978, X-Ray-Z had signed to Suicide Records and contributed 'Three More Glorious Years' (vintage diatribe against the Fraser Government) and 'Valium' to the 'Lethal Weapons' album (1978). By the end of 1978 X-Ray-Z had mutated into Popgun Men.

X-RAY-Z line-up included Peter Rich - Vocals/Sax (real name Peter Doley), Mike D'Art - Guitar/Keyboard (real name Martin Doley), James Wave - Bass (real name James Lloyd), Jon Ray - Drums (real name Jon Wilkinson). 


  X-RAY-Z 1977/78 - Photo by Carole Wilkinson


X-Ray-Z - Three (more) Glorious Years.mp3

Insert from Lou Reed tour 1977

      Benefit gig poster 1978


Peter Rich 1977/78 - Photos by Carole Wilkinson
    Mike D'Art 1977/78


James Wave 1977/78


John Ray 1977/78


  • Main Image - X-Ray-Z 1977/78 - Photo by Carole Wilkinson
  • Background Image - The Shit Sheets - Courtesy of Carole & Jon Wilkinson
  • X-Ray-Z 1977/78 - Photo by Carole Wilkinson
  • Lou Reed tour program - X-RAY-Z supported him in Melbourne 1977 - Courtesy of Kenneth Lyons
  • X-Ray-Z image - Courtesy Inner City Sound
  • Benefit gig poster 1978 - Courtesy Reocities
  • Peter Rich, Mike D'Art, James Wave & Jon Ray 1977/78 - Photos by Carole Wilkinson
  • Mp3 Track - 'Three More Glorious Years' 1978 Suicide Records (Mushroom Records)(Rich)
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