The Fabulous Marquises was formed in 1980 by ex-JAB, Teenage Radio Stars and Models Bass player 'Mr Pierre'. The band had a sparse and electronic sound and a solitary single, 'Honeymoon'/'1,2,3, Factory' was issued in September 1980. The single was initially included as part of the Unforgettable Music  Box Set of three singles, alongside Ron Rude's Piano Piano and Microfilm. Ron Rude (head of the Unforgettable Music label) produced The Marquises' single and also included the Marquises' track 'From My Heart to My Hands' on the Various Artists album 'From Belgrave with Love' (1981). Edward Clayton-Jones was later in The Wreckery and Chris Walsh later joined The Moodists.

Fabulous Marquises lineup included:
Mr Pierre (real name Peter Sutcliffe) - Vocal/Guitar, Edward Clayton-Jones - Guitar/Synth, Chris Walsh - Bass (ex-Reals/Negatives),
James McNabb - Guitar /Saxaphone, Des Hefner - Drums (ex-Marching Girls). Katherine Denney - Piano/Organ was also in the lineup.


    The Fabulous Marquises single 1980


Fabulous Marquises - 123 Factory23.mp3


The Fabulous Marquises single sleeve 1980



The Fabulous Marquises live 1980 - Photos by Debbie Nettleingham